Tuesday, 27 December 2011


The very well known Birmingham native MC Extraordinaire is no stranger to Purplepeppa.com fashions. 
Serocee has been sporting Purplepeppa graphic originals since the beginning. He is constantly on the road touring from country to country creating electrifying experiences for his fans through his music. We recently visited Serocee's website and we are happy to see that he takes a piece Purplepeppa with him wherever he goes! We truly appreciate the support!! 

Hit Serocee up on Twitter.com/Serocee to see where he will be playing next. Trust us, you won't want to miss it!!!! 

Serocee performing live in a Purplepeppa "City" Original.



                                                                          BABY J  
We all know Baby J! He's a well known producer from Darby, UK. He's produced for a lot of up and coming names here in England and he's known for the remix he did for the late Amy Winehouse's "Valerie".
Check out the custom tops we created for his "Baby Food" Campaign.

Baby J

 "Baby Food" for Baby J by Purplepeppa.com
"Baby Food" Purplepeppa Custom

Purplepeepa graphic "On Drumz" Original Back

                                                                       ON DRUMZ
On Drumz is an extremely talented Drummer from . He's played with everyone from Amp Fidler, to Dwele to Sean Kingston and many more. On Drumz has toured around the world and apparently he likes to wear Purplepeppa custom designs when he's on stage doing his thing! Shout out to On Drumz for the love! 

Purplepeppa graphic "On Drumz" Original Front

See On Drumz playing for Sean Kingston in his custom Purplepeppa  t shirt.

Here's On Drumz again in a Purplepeppa "City" Design

Marie Chanté

Artist such as this lovely poet make customizing very exciting for us here at Purplepeppa.com
This sweat top that we created for Marie Chante is extremely original. It is an idea that she had that we simply brought to life. It contains an array of different colors and abstract detail, and words from her poetry appear in the design to send a message straight from Marie Chante herself. This piece truly represents what Purplepeppa is all about. Art In Fashion Form. Thanks Marie! Check it out!!

"Marie Chante" Custom Purplepeppa Hoody

Friday, 16 September 2011


Being in a creative industry you meet some amazing people, that do some AMAZING work. Through a lovely thing called social networking I was able to have celebrity photographer Will Sterling work on one of my projects with me. He flew into the UK all the way from Ridgeland, Mississippi USA to do the editorial shoot for Purplepeppa.com's "LIFE" collection. Four full days of Laughs, Work and the building of a wonderful partnership! Here are a few pictures from our shoot! Checkout his website www.sterlingpics.net to see the work he's done with celebrity actors and models.

                                                           Model Preparation:
Model in "Tape Face" Men's Tee



Sterling Ready To Work!!



Thought I'd tell you all a little bit about myself so you can understand further what my line is about.

My name is Sophia Jolly, Founder and Owner of Purplepeppa.com, Born and raised in Birmingham, England UK.  I am an artist who has been drawing for as long as I can remember and I have always wanted to make a difference in the fashion industry. Imagine wearing a classic painting in the lining of your jacket... That would automatically make it a classic jacket. So what we do here at Purplepeppa.com is combine art with fashion in a way that it's never been done before. The images that appear on the clothing are original drawings I've created by digging into the heart and soul of myself and others on a quest to express themselves. I incorporate the art into my pieces creating wear you can relate to. The Purplepeppa brand is an experience, it connects to life and it is a pure representation of originality. My line is for people of all colors, ages and sizes. With Purplepeppa clothing you can truly wear your heart on your sleeve. This is Art In Fashion Form! 


Sophia Jolly

Thursday, 8 September 2011


It's been a wonderful summer for us here at Purplepeppa.com, but as things cool down it's time to get prepared for our up and coming autumn events. Preparing for any big clothing event takes a lot of hard work. Join us on our journey to the top.

Since 2007 we have accomplished a world of achievements. Here are a few of our famous designs that have helped take Purplepeppa.com to the next level. Remember, there is so much more to come!

Sophia Jolly